“Dharmniti” Despite being a business organization, we are different from typical business organizations. All Dharmniti have to pay attention and understand this situation particularly the significant characteristics that make us different from general business organizations as follows:

1.History Characteristic

Dharmniti has been operating continuously for 43 years without the "owner" which means there are no major shareholders who have absolute control over Dharmniti. This “unclaimed owner” makes Dharmniti belong to all Dharmniti. This is a notable advantage of us because “unclaimed owner” implied that Dharmniti is nurtured and defended by many people. It is a factor of the inheritance of Dharmniti from one generation to the other generation smoothly without vanishing as some business with the sole "owner" is generally facing. 

2.Guiding Philosophy Characteristic

We uphold “The Way of Dharmniti” as the guiding philosophy in operating, managing organization, treating people both Dharmniti staff and clients including our creativity in the business expansion. We hold a Bamboo Theory and the goal of our business is focused on non-monetary profit (such as dignity, trust, public faith) as the main aspect and consider the monetary profit as the secondary aspect. Hence, Dharmniti has two balance sheets: Statutory balance sheet for accounting and tax and the balance sheet under our philosophy including the assets, liabilities, revenues, expenses, gains and losses that are non-monetary as well.

3.Administrative Characteristic

We uphold the democratic management and the collective leadership. All levels of our organization are comprised of and managed by individuals. We apply the democratic method in the operation and cherish our staff. Such administration and style are enacted in the Dharmniti’s regulation and are enforced on all Dharmniti. This is the issue that all Dharmniti should put into practice.

4. Integrated and Progressive Characteristics

Dharmniti is a professional business organization aimed at providing full range of professional services. It enables our clients to receive convenient and maximum benefit from employing our services. This full range of business needs the progressive characteristics as well. Therefore, the creation of knowledge and tools of modern technology to serve our organization are required to be committed seriously on an ongoing effort.

5.Independence and Self-Reliance Characteristics

Dharmniti is an independent institution, not affiliated with any business group or political group. We will not set ourselves as an enemy to anyone in particular and we have no business interests with any particular business group or political group. Therefore, we can provide services to various business organizations widely, indefinitely and endlessly. The burgeoning development of Dharmniti from the past to the present is partly a result of the support of our extensive customers and friends. But importantly, it arises from the effort of our own Dharmniti. From time immemorial, all policies and programs of Dharmniti are started and built on the foundation of our own. On one side, we encourage Dharmniti to build good relationship and seek cooperation with other organizations widely. On the other hand, we oppose to bring Dharmniti to or under the influence of any organization. These are characteristics that are independent and self-reliance of Dharmniti.


 Dharmniti PLC

Dharmniti are not only staff or employee but we are the successor of mission and ideology of Dharmniti from one generation to the other generation. 

“To protect the name of Dharmniti with the everlasting endurance of honor, dignity and public faith.”



Remark: It was quoted from the resolution of the Council regarding “Targets, Guidelines, Policies and Plan for the year 1990” that the Council had a resolution from the Meeting No. 53 dated November 24, 1989. Such messages described the distinctive characteristics of Dharmniti that the shareholders, executives and staff should pay attention.




Office of Management 

September 13, 1991